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Travel agency "Pamirecotourism» is one of the largest travel agencies in Tajikistan. During the three years of its operation, we have earned the trust and respect of our customers based on the high quality of service and professionalism of our employees. The ever-increasing number of tourists through our travel agency is a confirmation of high quality service and professionalism of our employees. We are organizing leisure for travelers so that they want to come again. We take pride in escorting our guests and enabling them to discover the real Pamirs with its cultural and natural assets in the best possible way. Pamiri mysticism built on its legacy history, rich culture, marvelous natural scene with high mountains, religions, languages and people has always attracted and welcomed visitors. We relive this tradition through our travel agency “Pamirecotourism” by guiding guests to an unparalleled mountain experience.





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Pamirecotourism is the travel agency, established in 2014 with the aims of developing sustainable tourism and leisure travel industry in Pamir’s Mountains and other part of Tajikistan to contribute to the mutual benefit of both visitors and local community. We offer various types of tours through which creates economic incentive in developing local crafts and conserving local traditions, developing and improving the services in home stays and guesthouses, contributing to the conservation of the local archeological and historical sites, shrines and mazars that are the representatives of our culture, traditions and history. Our business will contribute to the revival of the Tajik and Pamirs culture and nature conservation while providing intimate cultural, spiritual and natural adventure in remote areas of Pamirs and other parts of Tajikistan to our guests.

The vision of Pamir Eco-Tourism is to develop a high quality ecotourism experience for our guest in Tajikistan particularly Pamir region and contribute to the improvement in the lives of local community while protecting and preserving the local cultural and natural assets through:

  • Strengthening our position as the leading tourism service provider offering quality, creative, innovative, competitive and socially responsible services in the region;
  • Showcasing the heritage, culture and natural beauty of the Republic Tajikistan and Pamirs;
  • Creating opportunity for the indigenous communities for income generation from eco-tourism development and engage them in preserving historical sites, nature and cultural assets.

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