Nurek or in Tajik Norak - it is the new city of Tajikistan with the population more than 30 thousand people. It is located in the territory of 39 thousand hectares of the earth in the area Nurek, approximately on the center of the country and to enter Khatlon Region of the Republic of Tajikistan. Nurek is the city the producer of the main part (more of 90%) the electric power of the Republic of Tajikistan and to be among strategically important regions of the country after Dushanbe, Tursunzoda as without in the modern world without not what electric power development. Also in Nurek at the height of 2210 meters the optical-electronic Window complex of system of the investigation of a space situation (ISS) belonging to troops of Aerospace defense of Russia that is the second reason strategically important the territory for Tajiks is located. To approach end on November 15, 1972 started the first of nine units of the station.

Geography and climate of Nurek city

Nurek is located in a northern mountain part of Khatlon Region of RT between areas Faizabad - from the North, Dangara - from the South - from the West and Temurmalik — from the East at the height of 850 meters above sea level. The highest point of Nurek in mountains and it makes it to 2 km. Geographical coordinates of Nurek: 38 °23′18 ″ northern latitude and 69 °19′30 ″ east longitude. Air temperature in Nurek than other regions of Tajikistan more soft as in the territory of the city it is located a big reservoir that promotes smoothing of temperature both in the summer and in the winter, communications with what here small risky to grow up some types of fruit protecting them from severe temperatures. Thus in winter temperature reaches not less than-20 degrees Celsius and in the summer not more 36. Generally from November to April and their quantity reaches draft to 210 mm. in a year. To pass through the city of Nurek the largest river of the country Vakhsh which turns in Nurek on a reservoir and then hydroelectric power station and by that follows downstream joining to the river Pyandzh. The main lion's share of Gross internal output of Nurek is made by the electric power made to Nureksky hydroelectric power stations in volume more by 200 million US dollars annually. Then production of agricultural products arable lands of Nurek are made by 864 hectares. and the irrigated 574 hectares. in which 270 hectares are put. Gardens including 50 hectares. Garnet gardens, 130 hectares. vineyards and 200 hectares citrus. The territory of buildings makes 65 hectares and a pasture of 11 thousand hectares.