The city's history goes back to antiquity. The city existed more during the Akhemenid dynasty. The city was founded in the days of the king Kayanidsk Kaykuboda and flourished and became even more beautiful during the reign of King Darius. According to historians, the legendary city of Alexandria Extreme was built by Alexander the Great on the site of the present Khujand and went down in history as a city of high culture, an important trade and craft center. This is largely due to its advantageous location. Khujand stands at the entrance to the fertile Fergana Valley. Thanks to what was one of the main centers of the Silk Road and enjoyed prosperity and wealth.

Khujand is one of the ancient cities of Central Asia. As Khujand known from the VII century, medieval historians, geographers and especially the travelers mention Khujand city as generous, generous people, with the development of science and crafts, fertile gardens, and refer it to the fifth the best climate. According to the testimony of scientists and historians from ancient times there were mined gold, silver, copper, mercury, tin and other precious metals in the mountains around Khujand. Urban gardens irrigated fields and waters of the two rivers - Sayhuna (Syr Darya) and Bahorgona. The authors of "Hudud-ul-olam", "Surat-ul-arz", "Mu'jam-ul-buldon", "Forsnoma", "Tarihi Siston", "Tarihi dzhahonkusho", "Nuzhat ul Kulub" and other books, Paying tribute to the beauty of the city and the quality of its people, mention excellent pomegranates, apricots, rice and silk.

Khujand was the birthplace of famous astronomers, mathematicians, physicians, historians, poets, and musicians. Khujand is at the center of the Great Silk Road and thus had constant contact with the world civilization, develop economically and spiritually. Merchants of the Khujand exported the best products of local artisans to other countries.

The city was the administrative center of the Khojent district of Samarkand region. In the XIX century after the Russian invasion, Khujand became the center of the county, which rapidly began to develop industry. The railroad was build. The city became a center of cultural life. In 1986, the city celebrated the anniversary - 2500 years since the founding. In this regard, the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR the city was awarded the Order of Friendship of Peoples.