Holiday of snowdrops

Tajikistan – the country of mountains . during the winter with a thick snow layer, mountains of the foothills long don't dump from themselves a snow-white cover, only the first beams of the spring sun are capable to kindle it, baring a small miracle: tiny lilac heads of snowdrops on thin small stalks. This indisputable proof of arrival of long-awaited spring from time immemorial was for Tajiks a reason for a big holiday. The first of children which found the snowdrops which broke through from under snow (in Tajik "Boichechak"), is considered the big lucky. After it to mountains all children’s of the villages to gather the snowdrops and to distribute them to the mothers, sisters, neighbors, teachers – all to women of the village as a symbol of the reviving life, youth, beauty run. Women put flowers to eyes and thank God for the fact that they lived up to spring, and treat children with sweets, pastries and fruit. This tradition is called at Tajiks of "Guldardona". And then in each house traditional pilof which and is called prepares: "Oshi - Boichechak". All family, friends and relatives gather for an entertainment. This celebration is preparation for the main holiday of spring – to Nawruz.

Festival of tulips (Sayri Lola)

After spring snowdrops, in mountains blossoming of tulips begins. It falls on a summer season when mountains already became covered by a carpet of emerald greens, and on it as if embroidered with a hand of skillful embroideries red, yellow, pink buds of tulips are dismissed.
This so impressive show that the whole holiday is devoted to it. At Tajiks it is called Sayri Lola. It coincides with time of collecting the first harvest, and it means that what richer reaped a crop, the holiday table has to be that rich. By tradition the center decorates it a pilaf dish, this day also hostesses bake toasted flat cakes and fragrant , on a table ripe vegetables and fruit flaunt. But not only for a tasty entertainment Tajiks wait for a holiday Sayri Lola. This day it is accepted to organize competitions in the Tajik national fight of "wrestling". In old times competitions were the most important and hazardous show in a year. And today "Wrestler" don't concede on beauty and staginess to modern sports, and bring together huge number of the admirers and fans arriving to Tajikistan even from abroad.

Holiday of a sacrifice (Idi Kurbonbairam)

One of the most esteemed religious holidays at all Muslims noted in 70 days after the termination of month of Ramazan when all believers hold a strict post. In the Scripture there is a legend of sources of this holiday. In it is said about how Allah didn't allow the devout Muslim Ibrahim to sacrifice the son Ismail, having put on a sacrificial altar of the arias. Since then it is accepted to sacrifice animals as a creed in omnipotence and mercy of God.
On Idi's holiday Qurbon believers put on clean elegant clothes, go to mosque, cut a sacrificial lamb or a calf, distribute meat to the poor, a part of meat – to relatives, and from a part prepare a festive entertainment. This day it is accepted to visit and receive guests.

Nawruz Holiday 21 March

The celebration of Nowruz in Tajikistan is a show, improbable on the beauty. To these holidays the spring finally comes to the ancient tajik earth and, at last, it is possible to see it in all magnificence. The genial sunshine warms mountain tops and through thawed snow transparent snowdrops make the way. These first spring florets – the main harbingers of a holiday. Traditionally they are distributed by the children’s as a symbol of the beginning of spring.
Tajikistan prepares for Nawruz in advance, first of all, spiritually, distribute debts, forgive old offenses. And in day of a holiday also put on all pure, symbolizing full clarification. The rituals with fire which are going back to Zoroastrian roots of a holiday are obligatory this day. All members of household as a sign of kind hope for the best have to bypass the light fire or a torch.
And by a lunch owners convoke guests for a festive dastarkhan where traditional dishes, for Nawruz, already flaunt: Sumanak (a soup from wheat sprouts), a sambusa (vegetables) and many other things. Only seven ritual foods on the letter "S". Nawruz widely takes place both in the city, and in villages. In the cities this day all hurry to see on the main square a festive show with singers, musicians, dancers. In villages and the celebration of Nawruz it is impossible to present without races, sports meets in national style, cockfights and Buzkashi.

8 Marta: International Women's Day

On March 8 in Tajikistan the Mother's Day is celebrated. "Our people have ancient culture of honoring of the woman, - tajiks say. – Once on our earth there was a spring holiday devoted to the woman's cult. And today, when our primordial traditions revive, we consider this holiday as continuation of an ancient cult". Not only women, but also men are glad to this day. And how not to like the atmosphere of this wonderful day when the nature blossoms, and is brighter - beauty of darlings and beloveds. For them this day flowers and gifts, feasts , warm words and beautiful acts. On March 8 in Tajikistan – an ancient holiday on a modern harmony.

Independence Day (on September 9)

Celebrations on the occasion of the Independence Day of Tajikistan take place in the state complex "Borbad". In the festive concert program - performances of the best on-stage performance groups of the republic and outstanding performers and theater. And mass celebrations this day are universal: in the Rudaky parks, "Somoni square"