Karakul is The biggest lake of East Pamir. The salty unique la is located at the height of 3914 meters above sea level. Its depth is – 236 meters. It is believed that it was formed during Ice Age. Some of its coast for many kilometers are covered with permafrost. The literal translation is "The black lake". But the water color of Karakul is not black (as its name suggests), but rather colors of ultramarine, blue, greenish. The color is also highly dependent on the refraction of sunlight which falls on its surface. But besides the beautiful view, on its coast it is possible to meet yaks.
According to one of the theories, the lake’s a tectonic origin strongly changed as a result of influence of an ancient freezing. But according to the latest data (the analysis of a picture from space) scientists drew a conclusion that the lake Karakul was formed owing to falling of a meteorite about 25 million years ago. The crater formed as a result of a blow of meteorite on earth with a diameter of 45 kilometers. The islands created owing to raising of the soil in the center of a crater can be seen in the North and the South of the lake. The lake Karakul (in translation from Kyrgyz - "The black lake") is 100 m higher than the well-known mountain Lake Titicaca in the Andes. Bitter and salty water of Karakul remains cold almost all the year round. In the winter the lake freezes. In warm season and at quiet weather water of the lake seems absolutely transparent, but as strong wind waves rise, and color of water gets a black shade, thus the lake got its name.
Coast of the lake are surrounded with high mountains from three parties, and only from East side it comes to the small picturesque valley. Types, to the opening traveler who is going down to the valley from the pass Kyzylart (4. 280 m) are especially charming. Opportunities for mountain ascensions in the region.