Capital - Dushanbe.

Major cities - Khujand ,Kulyab, Kurgan -Tube , Khorog .

One of the oldest countries in the world, colorful, hot and mysterious Tajikistan is rapidly winning over a growing number of tourists from foreign countries. The reasons are obvious: a mass of ancient sites - including monuments of the Zoroastrian civilization Sogdiana and the fabulous cities of the Great Silk Road, the richest opportunities for climbing - mountainous Pamirs with famous Communism Peak and lots of minor, but no less interesting tops, and healing hot springs, Finally, the varied and delicious cuisine (risotto! pilaf! risotto!) and colorful cotton robes and skullcaps.

Tajikistan is especially proud of its historic center:Penjikent, Hissar, Khujand, Kurgan-Tube, Ura-Tube (Istaravshan), Kulyab. For over 2,500 years they kept unique historical monuments, architectural gems of antiquity, interesting artifacts, legends and stories associated with them.