We organize various kinds of unforgettable and enjoyable tours to the High Pamirs and Tajikistan.

Nature Tours

We have designed these tours especially to explore the environmental resources, wildlife, landscapes, water, wild flora and fauna of the Pamirs and Tajikistan. Some remote places of the Pamir are seldom visited and offer outstanding scenery. The main goal of these tours is the contemplation and education about a wide variety of wildlife.

Eco tour

During this tour you travel to the corners of the Pamir and Tajikistan where local culture and nature are well preserved. Pamir has rich culture and nature which attracts many national and international tourists. Through the Eco tours you will explore the real Pamir with its diverse culture and nature (high mountains, marvelous lakes in between the high Pamirs, historical fortresses and places, pure water and fresh air). During this tour you have the opportunity not only to admire the surrounding beauty, but to also learn a lot.

Community based tour

Many tourists like to be involved in learning the different people’s culture and ways of living in the remote places of the world. Through this tour you will be shown the traditions, values and way of life of local communities in the Pamirs and other parts of Tajikistan, allowing you to live in the villages of the country, to join the villagers in their daily work on the plantations or other day to day activities. At the same time this type of tour allows local people to learn about the country of the visitors, their traditions, occupations and lifestyles. This activity can increase the level of understanding and respect, both for visitors and for local residents. The two sides will expand their knowledge and establish a good relationship.

Silk Road tour

The Silk Road is the caravan road linking East Asia with the Mediterranean in ancient times and the Middle Ages. Historically, it was used for the export of silk from China, hence its name. The road was paved in the 2nd century BC, crossed the Pamirs and went to Fergana and further down to the Mediterranean Sea.

Through the silk tour you will be introduced to the ancient remains of the Silk Road. You will walk along the same path as historical travelers who were mainly Buddhists and also visit historical places like Buddhist complexes and fortresses of the Wakhan in Ishkashim district.