The Pamirs contain, of course, many glaciers, among which the Fedchenko Glacier, the longest mountain glacier in the world (77km – 270 km). The 9-day tour is designed especially for the lovers of the glaciers and mountains. During this tour you would have chances to explore the high Pamirs, the biggest glacier Fedchenko and to enjoy cold and fresh glacier wind of the Pamirs.

Briefly about the tour

Tour code: PETT-TT02
Tour type: Trekking
Duration: 9 days
Group size: 1 - 15 pax
Seasonality: June - September
Difficulty: 9/10
Highlights: Dushanbe, Wang region, Pamir, Fedchenko glacier


Day 1: Driving from Dushanbe to Kalaikhumb
Drive from Dushanbe to Kalaikhumb (Darwaz district of GBAO). Overnight in guesthouse.
Day 2: Kalaikhumb to Poi Mazor
Driving from Kalaikhumb to Poi Mazor, last village in the Vanch valley. Visiting reputed grave of Hazrat Ali. Overnight in Homestay.
Day 3: Trek: Poi Mazor to the Bear (Medvezhiy) glacier
Start of the trek from Poi Mazor. Reaching the snout of the Bear (Medvezhiy) glacier. At the side of the glacier there are two small lakes among the mountains. Enjoying the small lakes and the view to the high mountains and glacier. Camping.
Day 4: Trekking to the Bears glacier
Trekking to the Bears glacier; this gives you a superb view up the steep Russian Geographical Society (Geograficheskogo Obshchestva) glacier, down which, it is said, Soviet mountaineers used to ski after visiting the Fedchenko glacier) with Peak Garmo (6,595m) at its head. Camping.
Day 5: Trek: along and across the moraine-covered snout of the Bears glacier
Trek: along and across the moraine-covered snout of the Bears glacier, wading through its icy stream, across the snout of the Abdulkhagor glacier and steep climb up the lateral moraine / ablation valley (3,500m). Nice views of surrounding peaks. Trek across moraine to Abdulkhagor Glacier. Camping.
Day 6: Trekking
Trek in and out of the ablation valley – tremendous views down and across the plunging, steep crevassed section of the Abdulkhagor glacier, free of moraine, with smaller feeder glaciers coming in (4,400 metres). Begin descent to Poi Mazor. Camping.
Day 7: Trekking back to Poimazor
Return to Vanch valley- Poi Mazor village, resting, having tea in a traditional Pamiri house. Relaxing. Overnight in traditional Pamiri house.
Day 8: Drive back to Kalaikhumb
Drive back to Kalaikhumb. Overnight in Guesthouse.
Day 9: Driving to Dushanbe.
Driving to Dushanbe.


1 pax $ 2293
2 pax $ 2722
3 pax $ 3151
4 pax $ 3580


  • Transport (4x4 car, Landcruiser)
  • Airport pick-up & transfer
  • Driver's food and accommodation
  • Meals and water
  • Accommodation
  • Guide service

Exclusions :

Below services are not included in the tour package, because most of tourists obtain visa and permit themselves via online system ( Also some tourists prefer their own facilities, though we have renting services as well.

  • GBAO permit
  • Tajik visa | Invitation Letter
  • Renting tent & sleeping bags

While booking a tour, please mention from exclusions services you want.

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