Briefly about the tour

Tour code: PETT-CiT03
Tour type: Combined tour
Duration: 13 days
Group size: 1 - 15 pax
Seasonality: May - October
Difficulty: 9/10
Highlights: Dushanbe, Trekking to Bartang, Labnazar peak and Girjimailo, Pamir mountains


Day 1: Driving in Dushanbe
Meeting and welcoming the guests in airport. Transfer to hotel. Evening walks across Dushanbe. B/L/D.
Day 2: Departure to the Pamirs
Departure to the Pamirs via Tawildara and Khaburabad pass (3252m) or via Kulyab region. When we pass over Khaburabad to Kalaikhum the scenery and the people change again. The people here are Pamiris with their own languages. Kalaikhum is located on the Pjanj River, a major tributary of the famous Amu Darya (Oxus) River. Accommodation in a private guesthouse in Kalaikhum. B/L/D.
Day 3: Driving from Kalaikhum for Khorog
Leaving Kalaikhum for Khorog. On the way to have stops for taking photo of the beautiful sites. In Rushan district visiting the Vomar Fortress which has an historical story. Visit to the Ethnographical Museum, Botanical Garden (one of the highest in the world) and the construction site of one of Central Asia University’s campuses (unique university of its kind that is specifically developed for the mountain regions by the Aga Khan IV the leader of Ismaili Shia Muslims of the World, and its campuses are spread in tree countries, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan). Accommodation in Guesthouse. B/L/D.
Day 4: Leaving Khorog for Basid (Bartang valley)
Leaving Khorog for Basid (Bartang valley). On the way to have stops for taking photo of the beautiful sites. In Rushan districts we take a detour from M41 to Bartang Valley. In evening arriving in Basid village. Sightseeing in the village, seeing amazing holy shrine. Accommodation in home stay. B/L/D.
Day 5: Driving from Basid to Pasor village
Driving from Basid to Pasor village. On the road seeing how the famous Pamiri socks are knit; option to buy some as souvenir. The Bartang people have the reputation of being especially industrious and hardworking. Continue with car to Roshorv village, for the ones without acrophobia, walk on a nice panoramic way to Roshorv. Walking around in the amazing village and enjoying view on Peak Labnazar (5990m). Driving to Sawnob. Enjoy the places, such as old castle, solar calendar, refuge caves, holy spring and petroglyphs. Possibility for bath in small lake with mild water temperature. Driving to Pasor village. Overnight in home stay.
Day 6: Trek (start): Pasor to second shepherd hut
Start of the trek from Pasor to second shepherd hut. Enjoying the beautiful scene of Khafraz valley. The luggage are transported on the donkeys. Laying tents. Overnight in tents.
Day 7: Trek: from shepherd hut to Lozarbun
Continue trekking from shepherd hut to Lozarbun (the bottom of the Girjimailo Glacier). Laying tents, overnight in tents.
Day 8: Trek: from Lozarbun over the glacier start of Grumm-Girijimailo
Continue the trek from Lozarbun over the glacier start of Grumm-Girijimailo, enjoying the glacier walk, and the mountain ranges covered with snow and glacier and the sunny day. Having Picnic. Descend to Lozarbun and shepherd hut. Laying tents and staying in tents.
Day 9: Trek: Shepherd hut back to Pasor village
Descent from Shepherd hut to Pasor village. End of the trek. Resting. Overnight in Home stay. (From Pasor we have two ways to go, either go back to Dushanbe or go to through Tanimas valley across Kuk jar pass – Aqtash -Murghab- Karakul- Kizil Art pass – Osh)
Day 10: Driving from Pasor to Siponj village
Driving from Pasor to Siponj village down to Bartang valley. Arrival in Sponj village. Walking around the village. Visiting the petroglyphs sites. Overnight in Home stay.
Day 11: Driving from Siponj to Kalaikhum
Driving from Siponj to Kalaikhum. Arrival in Kalaikhum. Overnight in guesthouse.
Day 12: Driving from Kalaikhum to Dushanbe
Driving from Kalaikhum to Dushanbe. Arrival, overnight in hotel.
Day 13: Flight home
Drop off to airport, flight home.


1 pax $ 2731
2 pax $ 3210
3 pax $ 3688
4 pax $ 4167


  • Transport (4x4 car, Landcruiser)
  • Airport pick-up & transfer
  • Driver's food and accommodation
  • Meals and water
  • Accommodation
  • Guide service

Exclusions :

Below services are not included in the tour package, because most of tourists obtain visa and permit themselves via online system ( Also some tourists prefer their own facilities, though we have renting services as well.

  • GBAO permit
  • Tajik visa | Invitation Letter
  • Renting tent & sleeping bags

While booking a tour, please mention from exclusions services you want.

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