Wakhan valley is located along the upper reaches of the River Panjand Wakhan River (Wakhondaryo).It contains the trails of the silk caravans that went from China to Europe, traces of Buddhist pilgrims going to distant India, and was described by Marco Polo in his famous book about the diversity of the world.

Briefly about the tour

Tour code: PETT-CT01
Tour type: Combined Tour (Jeep & trekking)
Duration: 16 days
Group size: 1 - 15 pax
Seasonality: May - October
Difficulty: 7/10
Highlights: Bartang Valley, Bardara - Yashilkul trekking: lakes, mountains; Wakhan corridor; Afghan market (on Saturdays only)


Day 1: Arrival in Dushanbe
Meeting and welcoming the guests in airport. Transfer to hotel. Evening walks across Dushanbe. B/L/D.
Day 2: Departure to the Pamirs
Departure to the Pamirs via Tawildara and Khaburabad pass (3252 m) or via Kulyab region. When we pass over Khaburabad to Kalaikhum the scenery and the people change again. The people here are Pamiris with their own languages. Kalaikhum is located on the Panj River, a major tributary of the famous Amu Darya (Oxus) River. Accommodation in a private guesthouse. In Kalaikhum. B/L/D.
Day 3: Leaving Kalai Khum for Giezev
On the way to have stops for taking photo of the beautiful sites. In Rushan districts we take a detour from M41 to Bartang Valley till the crossroad with the Jizew footpath. Two or three hours walk up (acclimatization) to the pristine Pamiri village of Jizev, which has no road connection and is therefore still very traditional. It is situated in a valley with many small forests and marvellous milky-turquoise lakes. Accommodation in home stay. B/L/D.
Day 4,5: Strolling around in Jizew valley
Strolling around in Jizew valley. Walking up Jizew valley (2500m) to the upper lakes and the pastures of the village, going as far as you wish. The next day walking back down the way to Jizew bridge on foot. By car drive up the scenic and adventurous road in the Bartang valley to Bardara village. In evening arriving in Bardara in another side valley. Sightseeing in the village, seeing amazing holy trees, the Ismaili prayer house and the mysterious “village fridge”. Accommodation in home stay. B/L/D.
Day 6: Start of the Trek (Bardara)
The trek starts with the smooth journey to «Miyonail» (the name of the pasture before the pass). Laying tents and accommodation in tents. (Luggage on animal-drawn transport).
Day 7: Walking tour to Ukhinnch
Walking tour to Ukhinnch (the name of the pasture), through the pas that leads through the glacier. Enjoying the glacier walk with the good view of the mountains around. We will pass through the pastures and will be meeting one of the Sheperd who called Zaurbek who is doing this job for 25 years. He comes to the pasture with his family. He will make us tea and will feed us with yogurt that make in the pasture. Laying tent and accommodation and overnight in tents by the pasture.
Day 8: Trekking from Ukhinch to Uchkul
Trekking from Ukhinch to Uchkul (means three Lakes)». In this day we will enjoy the three lakes which are all called in Kyrgyz language. Laying tents. Overnights in tents.
Day 9: Trekking from Uchkul to Chapadarkul lake
Trekking from Uchkul to Chapadarkul lake. In this day we will enjoy the majestic lake of Chapadarkul with possibility to see yaks around. Laying tents and accommodation. Overnight in tents.
Day 10: Trip from Chapdarkul to Kargizshabar
Trip from Chapdarkul to Kargizshabar. Laying tents and accommodation. Overnight in tents.(3000m)
Day 11: Trekking to Yashilkul and Bulunkul lakes (The end of trek)
Trekking to Yashilkul and Bulunkul lakes End of the Trek. Overnight in Yurt stay or Home stay.
Day 12: Driving to Langar vllage
Driving to Langar vllage, crossing the Khargush pass and entering the Wakhan corridor with spectacular views to the Hindukush. This peaceful strip of Afghanistan is just separated by a shallow, at times just 5 meters wide River. In the evening arrival in Langar village. Langar is situated on the crossroad of the Wakhan Corridor with Pamir and Wakhan rivers where the Great Game took place (reached by Capt John Wood in 1838). Visit to sacred place Shoh Kambari Oftob in the middle of village. (If you wish you can do a hiking to the famous Wakhan Collection of petroglyphs (3200m). There are about 6,000 petroglyphs showing different scenes of the life of Ancient people of Pamirs). Overnight in the same Homestay in Langar. B/L/D.
Day 13: Driving from Langar to Ishkashim
Driving from Langar to Ishkashim, we will have the opportunity to explore the Pamirs with its cultural identities in depth through visiting the fortresses, museums, sacred places, petroglyphs etc. On the way we will visit Buddhist Stupa in Vrang, sacred hot springs of Bibi Fatima Zahra, ruins of Yamchun fortress (IV-III B.C.) that once guarded Pamir branch of the Great Silk Road, museum a local scholar, theologian, poet and traveler Sufi Muborak-Kadami Vakhani, who died in 1910. There is a stone pillar with a hole near his house, which he used to calculate a solar calendar. His house is decorated with inscriptions and decorations made by the scholar as well as the Kah-Kaha in Namadgut one of the oldest fortress on the Silk Road,. Home stay. B/L/D.
Day 14: Driving from Ishkashim to Khorog
Driving from Ishkashim to Khorog. This day If we are lucky and it is Saturday, we will be able to visit the Crosse border Tajik-Afghan market on the Afghan side. There is no need to obtain Afghan visa for this visit. There is the famous Mineral Hot Spring-Garm Chashma and Ruby Mines of Khu i Lal (where Badakhshani rubies were mined as early as 14th century). Arrival in Khorog. Resting. Overnight in guesthouse. B/L/D.
Day 15: Khorog to Kalai khumb
Driving from Khorog to Kalai khumb. Overnight in Guesrhouse. B/L/D.
Day 16: Leaving Kalaikhumb for Dushanbe
Leaving Kalaikhumb for Dushanbe. Arival in Dushanbe, overnight in Hotel.
Day 17: Drop off to airport
Drop off to airport. Saying good bye to the guests. Flight home.


1 pax $ 3924.58
2 pax $ 4529.58
3 pax $ 5134.58
4 pax $ 5739.58


  • Transport (4x4 car, Landcruiser)
  • Airport pick-up & transfer
  • Driver's food and accommodation
  • Meals and water
  • Accommodation (including hotel in Dushanbe)
  • Guide service
  • Renting tents
  • Donkeys and porters services
  • National Park tax

Exclusions :

Below services are not included in the tour package, because most of tourists obtain visa and permit themselves via online system ( Also some tourists prefer their own facilities, though we have renting services as well.

  • Renting sleeping bags & tents
  • GBAO permit
  • Tajik visa | Invitation Letter
  • Entrance tickets to museums and hot springs

While booking a tour, please mention from exclusions services you want.

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