Why travel to Pamir

If you are eager to:

  • fly above the " Roof of the World " - the Pamirs , by airplane , one of the most adventurous and beautiful air routes of the world (from Dushanbe to Khorog);
  • swim in the countless medicinal hot springs of Pamir;
  • visit the Asian Middle Ages: witness the traditional way of life of the Pamir people living in the remote valleys;
  • see the peaksIsmoili Somoni, Lenin, Revolution, and glaciers of Fedchenko, mountainous range of the Hindu Kush, Small and Big Pamir, some of which have still not been stepped on by human feet;
  • touch history by seeing the ancient fortress of Kushans and Zoroastrians, Buddhist stupas, petroglyphs, shrines and visiting other archeological places;
  • travel by jeep along the legendary Pamir Highway - the most mountainous road of the former Soviet Union.

                                                    PACK YOUR BAG AND COME TO PAMIR !