Sarez lake


The legendary Lake Sarez, located in the Bartang valley, Rushan district of GBAO, is called "Sleeping Beauty" and is considered as one of the highest and most beautiful lakes in the world. According to a survey bythe Pamir Eco-Cultural Tourism Association (PECTA) of many tourists, lovers of extreme sports visited the Pamirs because of this lake. However, coming here to Pamir and to see lake Sarez was not allowed since … Fortunately from July 2015 Lake Sarez opened its gates to visitors and since then the tourists are visiting the Lake with the special permission from the Committee of the extreme situation in Tajikistan.

Average depth: 202 m                                                                 

Area: 79.7 square kilometers                                                                                                 

Length: 55.8 km

Height of the surface above sea level: m 3263

Width: 3.3 km 

Source in flow: Bartang