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Travel agency "Pamir Eco Tourism» is one of the largest travel agencies in Tajikistan. During the three years of its operation, we have earned the trust and respect of our customers based on the high quality of service and professionalism of our employees.


Capital - Dushanbe.

Major cities - Khujand ,Kulyab, Kurgan -Tube , Khorog.

One of the oldest countries in the world, colorful, hot and mysterious Tajikistan is rapidly winning over a growing number of tourists from foreign countries.


Pamirs - one of the most famous mountain ranges of the world, better known as the «Roof of the World", has in its arsenal altitudes from 2800 to 7495 m above sea level. Tajikistan’s highest mountain peak Ismail Somoni (7495 m), has attracted eager climbers from all over the globe.

We organize various kinds of unforgettable and enjoyable tours to the High Pamirs and Tajikistan.
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